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    The Ministry of Health

    of the Republic of Uzbekistan

    2nd Republican Medical College

To the attention of the school graduates who wish to study in the 2nd Republican Medical College:

Duties of the college students:

1. To acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge, skills of the selected specialty.
2. To fulfill the planned duties of curriculums and plans, not to be absent from classes.
3. To observe the rules of internal order on campus.
4. To walk in a white smock and cap on campus and in classrooms.
5. Comply with standards of behavior and communication.
6. To participate in conferences, contests, subject competitions, study group.
7. To protect and not to harm the education accessories, textbooks and equipment in the rooms.
8. Comply with standards of behavior in the education rooms and laboratories.
9. To contribute to the activities of the college and the town (involved in the marching and community work days).

College students are strictly prohibited:
1. To engage in various religious movements, and to distribute leaflets of any content.
2. Not allowed on campus and in the rooms to be in the "hijob" (garment), according to the approved by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan law, article 14 "On freedom of conscience and religious organizations".
3. To use cell phones in campus and education rooms.
4. To smoke on campus.

Student’s parents duties:
1. To control the attendance of lesson based on the schedule, to check the fulfillment of the tasks, to organize the leisure time after classes.
2. To be responsible for the action of the children after classes and outside the campus, regularly to visit the students living in the private apartments, to be interested about close friends.
3. To participate in the parent meetings, to be in close contact with the head of the department, supervisor teacher.
4. To ensure that all internal rules of college is fulfilled by their children.

The student failing to meet behavior rules and violating internal order in the student house will be expelled.