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    The Ministry of Health

    of the Republic of Uzbekistan

    2nd Republican Medical College


In 2010-2011 education year 1390 students have graduated, having received the diplomas on specialties, from them: 797 students from Tashkent and 593 from different Uzbekistan region.

65,8% students employed by their specialties. From them medical institutions, which employed our students – Republican cardiologic center, 1st clinical children hospital, 7th city clinical hospital, Tashkent medical Academy clinics, 2nd children surgical hospital, SSC UzFarmsanoat, “Dori-Darmon” central drugstores and their branches, city and district sanitary epidemiologic satiations, Screening center, Diagnostic center, Pediatric scientific research institute, policlinics, private drugstores, clinics and laboratories.

23,2% students work in the other sectors. 2,3% entered higher education institutions, 0,3% are studying and working in foreign countries. 8,1% girls have married and in the present time are on maternity leave.

In 2011-2012 education year 1301 graduates: girls -1166, 135 – boys.

For education – work practice there was signed agreements with more than 30 city and district institutions, with central drugstores and their branches, with closed type drugstores within clinics and other types of drugstores.