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    The Ministry of Health

    of the Republic of Uzbekistan

    2nd Republican Medical College

“Pharmacy” chair

Chair head – Musaeva N.A. graduated Tashkent pharmacy institute.
The following are working in this chair:
11 chief teachers, from them: 2 candidates of pharmacy sciences, 1 leading, 1 chief teacher, 8 teachers with higher education.

The following subjects are taught in this chair:

  • Technology of different medicines;
  • Pharmacognosy and botany basis;
  • General pharmacology;
  • Pharmacology basis;
  • Record management;
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry;
  • Latin language and medical terminology.

There are 5 hobby groups in the chair. There is also demonstration laboratory and training cabinet in the chair.

  • training cabinet “Technology of different medicines”;
  • training cabinet “Pharmacognosy and botany basis”;
  • training cabinet “Pharmaceutical chemistry”.

By the teachers of the chair the following tutorials and literature are published:

1. H.H.Holmatov, U.A.Aliev, N.A. Musaev “Pharmacognosy and botany basis” education tutorial 2007.
2. M.Mahsumov, H.Aliev, M.A.Adilov, N.A.Musaeva “Pharmacology basis” education tutorial 2007.
3. M.K.Zufarova, N.A.Musaeva, D.A.Akramova “Practical basis of Pharmacognosy and botany” education tutorial 2007.
4. M.A.Adilov, N.A.Musaeva, Sh.Sh.Talipova, S.R.Ganihodjaeva “Pharmacology with basic formulation” basic tutorial 2007.
5. K.A.Ubaidullaeva, A.K.Saidvaliev, S.U.Rasulov, Z.T.Mirusmanova “Pharmaceutical chemistry”.
6. Sh. Sh.Talipova, N.A. Musaeva, M.Mahsumov “Pharmacology basis”.
7. K.S. Mahmudjanova, Sh.Sh. Talipova “Pharmaceutical technology industry”.
8. K.S.Mahmudjanova, Sh.Sh. Talipova, Sh. Yuldasheva, Sh.Sh. Shodmonova “Technology of different medicines”.