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    The Ministry of Health

    of the Republic of Uzbekistan

    2nd Republican Medical College

Nursing care over patients of surgical diseases

Chair head - Sulaymonova Muhayo Tursunovna, specialty - pediatrician

Subjects, which are studied in the chair:

1. Nursing care over patients of surgical diseases
2. Nursing care over patients of ophthalmologic diseases
3. Nursing care over patients of ENT diseases
4. Medicine of emergence cases
5. Nursing care over patients who is on intensive therapy.

There are 8 teachers in the chair:xirurg3

1. Suleymanova Muhayo Tursunovna – leading teacher
2. Hudaybergenova Gulhumor Aminovna – leading teacher
3. Turdikulova Hilola Hudaynazarovna – leading teacher
4. Kamalova Rano Gazvaevna – chief teacher
5. Djumaboeva Rano Ahmatovna – higher category teacher
6. Abdullaeva SAodat Toirovna – higher category teacher
7. Agamhujaeva Rano Bohodirovna– chief teacher
8. Yusopova Dilobar Sayfullaevna – chief teacher 

Practical lessons by the subjects are conducted in training bases.

xirurg2Training bases:
1. 7th clinical hospital of Yunusabad district.
2. 4th - skin-venereal clinic of Almazar district.
3. Scientific research center of endocrinology.
4. Multisectoral central family policlinic of Alamzar district.
5. Republican center of cardiology.
6. Republican hospital of eye diseases.