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    The Ministry of Health

    of the Republic of Uzbekistan

    2nd Republican Medical College

“Skilled nursing over adults” chair

Chair head – Karimdjanova Gulnora – specialty therapeutics.
Works as a teacher in the II RMC since 1998.

Since 2008 works as head of the chair “Skilled nursing over adults”.
Participates in the seminars from the side of the center “Development of the nursing business”.
There are 9 teachers in the chair, from them 1 the teacher of the higher category, 2 leading and 2 chief teachers.


The subject which are taught in the chair:kattalar-kaf

1. Skilled nursing over the adult.
2. Skilled nursing over the aged.
3. Skilled nursing over sick persons of diseases of nervous system.
4. Psychological nursing.
5. Skilled nursing over sick persons of venereal disease

There are training cabinets in the chair, where practical knowledge is obtained by the subject
There are also training cabinets on “psychological nursing”, where skills over mental disorder persons is obtained.
There is a “Shifokor” hobby group within the chair and each Wednesday is conducted group activities.