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    The Ministry of Health

    of the Republic of Uzbekistan

    2nd Republican Medical College

Female Council

In the 2-RMK, the Female Council was created in order to provide a feasible assistance to girls in political, social and economic sphere, and active participation in the reforming the society, to provide comprehensive social support for women, to improve the social-economic significance, to increase the professionalism and entrepreneurship, to strengthen family relations based on private and spiritual values.

The members of Female Council of 2nd Republican Medical College of Shayhantahur district of Tashkent city

Pulatova Feruza –chairwoman of the council.
Nurmatova Yokut – deputy chairwoman of the council.
Iskandarova Guzal – council secretary
Shamsieva Hulkar – “Kamolot” chairwoman
Sultanova Shoira – Head on issues "Working with gifted students"
Tursunhodjaeva Saida – psychologist
Ubaydullaeva Shahnoza – council member
Usarova Mukarram – council member

Basic direction of the council activity.

xotin-qizlar1. Activation of the socio - political, economic and employment activity of women in society, the protection of their rights and benefits and maintenance the work to ensure them.
2. Work on women's spirituality and enlightenment, based on the national and cultural values, to host events, meetings, seminars, conferences on education for girls as a fully developed personality.
3. Protecting the rights of women, enhancing their spiritual, intellectual, professional, legal literacy.
4. Organize the activities of women's clubs, gifted girls and submit to the state award “Zulfiya”.
5. Improving labor relations, employment of women, improving women's social value, entrepreneurship, development of craft labor, education and promotion work.
6. Formation in the family a healthy lifestyle, separation from the negative vices, improving women's reproductive health.
7. Improvement of women's education and awareness - of the spiritual environment, preventing the spread of the idea of missionary work, the proper implementation of national customs.
8. Preventive work among the women against the negative phenomena in our society (violation of women, crime, fight against drugs and alcohol, prostitution, suicide).
9. Providing feasible care for single mothers, disabled, poor and socially vulnerable categories.

Council Activities

xotin-qizlar11. Training - seminar "The importance and role of women in the process of democratization".
2. Seminar on: "We are against the slavery of mankind".
3. Organize for underage girls the spiritually – enlightenment education on ethical behavior, personal hygiene and preparation for the establishment of a family.
4. Conducting for to be created new families the lectures on "Family - education center".
5. Seminar - training, dedicated to the formation of legal culture among women.
6. A contest - the selection of talented young people in the field of literature, art, science, culture dedicated to the poetess Zulfiya.xotin-qizlar2