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    The Ministry of Health

    of the Republic of Uzbekistan

    2nd Republican Medical College

The “Ustoz - shogird” tradition

In the speech of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan during Cabinet of Ministries meeting and also n the meeting with Prime Minister of the Cabinet of Ministries, Sh.M.Mirziyev (minutes of meeting 071/ - 91) the order No. 5 dated 07.01.2011 of the public and special education, with aim of education process strengthening, forming of working skills in the students on “Ustoz - shogird” conception is planned to attach them to the organizations and production companies.

According to this conception “Ustoz - shogird” the students 2 – RMC of II and III courses for practice after classes is attached to medical preventive institutions of Tashkent, to diagnostic centers and others.

Based on the internal college order the teachers of special discipline are assigned as the head of this practice.