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    The Ministry of Health

    of the Republic of Uzbekistan

    2nd Republican Medical College

“Laboratories of diagnostics and hygiene” chair

Chair head – Nazarova Hojar Askarovna.
Studying subjects on the chair:

  • microbiology and microbiological methods of diagnosis
  • diagnosis methods of clinical laboratory
  • biochemistry and biochemical methods of diagnosis
  • hygiene and sanitarian hygienic methods of diagnosis
  • hygienic labor and occupational diseases
  • epidemiology and medical parasitology
  • disinfection works
  • nutrition hygiene
  • hygiene of children and adolescents

Information about teachers: teachers of higher category – 8, leading teachers – 3, chief teachers – 1.

Hobby groups acting in the chair:

“Laboratorian” – leader Ismailova G.
“Hygiene” – leader Djumasheva K.

Acting laboratories and training cabinets in the chair:

1.    Microbiology laboratory
2.    Hygienic laboratory
3.    Training cabinet on children and adolescents hygiene
4.    Training cabinet on epidemiology and medical parasitology

Published teaching aids and literature by the chair teachers:

A.B. Ganihodjaeva, X.A.Nazarova “Microbiology”.
M.A.Adilov, S.U.Magdieva, S.Narimanova “Communal hygiene” educational literature 2006.
M.H.Nurmuhammedova, H.A. Nazarova “Hygiene” for students of.