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    The Ministry of Health

    of the Republic of Uzbekistan

    2nd Republican Medical College

“General therapy” chair

Incoming subjects of the chair:

  • Anatomy, physiology and pathology
  • Pharmacology and formulation
  • Latin language and medical terminology
  • General and medical psychology
  • Medical genetics
  • General microbiology
  • Business and entrepreneurship basis
  • General hygienic and ecology

umumtibbiy-kaf_anatomiya1Chair head – Djalilova Nodira Dilmuradovna.

There are 9 teachers in the chair, from them 1 – chief teacher, 1 – leading, 3 – chief teachers, 4 – teachers with higher education. There are waxworks, stands, equipment of technological means.

The teachers teach with modern methods. On the level of the college the teachers of the chairs have created Latin – Uzbek dictionary on anatomy, physiology and pathology.

There are hobby groups on “Young anatomist”, “Young linguist” in the chair.