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    The Ministry of Health

    of the Republic of Uzbekistan

    2nd Republican Medical College

About college

kollej_boshThe oldest and largest medical institution in the Republic has played a significant role in shaping the training of nursing staff.
In 1918 in Tashkent city, the first medical school - Territorial Muslim paramedic school has opened. The structure of this single, at that time, school reflects the needs of health care. The school was designed to perform the task - the preparation of national medical staff.
S.Mahmudov, I.Shvartsman, O.Gusarov were the organizers of this school.

Historical status of the school:
1918 – First Territorial Muslim paramedic school
1924 – Tashkent medical technical school
1936 – Tashkent paramedic - obstetric school
1937 – Tashkent medical training complex
1945 – Republican secondary medical school
1954 – Republican medical school named Yu.Ahunbabaev.

kolAfter reconstruction in 2003, by the Decision № 233 of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education from 30.09.2003 and by the Order № 572 of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 29.12.2003, there was granted the status of the college to this institution.
From 2006 renamed to Second Republican Medical College.

Today the following professions are prepared in the college:
3720301 – medical laboratory assistant
3720302 – doctor assistant of medical preventive business
3720501 – pharmaceutist assistant
3720601 – nurse

Today, for the integrated support of the educational process and student life at college we have well equipped lecture and training rooms, classrooms and laboratories, equipped with the standard requirements, language laboratories, computer classes, information and resource center, student house, a sanatorium, a sports-fitness center, dining room, a cafeteria.

kol1The institution is the methodical center of medical training of teachers from all over the Republic. There is cooperation with different countries, such as: Germany, Russia, Japan, Sweden, Canada, Denmark, and Israel, where college professors actively participate in the international conferences, seminars and trainings.
College students have practice in hospitals, drugstores, sanitary-epidemiological stations and laboratories. Proper attention in the college is paid to the appearance and the development of individual talents and abilities of students in classes, in clubs, in amateur clubs, in sports clubs. Annually, there are scientific and practical conferences with an exhibition of students’ creative works, competitions, debates, meetings, theme parties.


Our address: 9 Turkkurgan str., Shayhantahur district, 100200, Tashkent.

Tel.: 226-50-68, 226-70-66

Fax: 226-70-66